Drop In Hockey

Welcome to Get Hockey Now, the premier online destination for playing drop-in hockey, sticks and pucks, open skate, and available ice times.  Before Deploying to Afghanistan and Iraq when I wanted to play hockey I would do the typical search then have to dive down into 4 to 5  pages of each ice arena in my area. It became time-consuming and I still did not know if it was sold out by the time I would get there. Get Hockey Now solves that problem all in one place. Find, reserve and pay for you ice time all in one place.


Get Hockey Now was an idea I had while in a guard tower in Afghanistan. I wanted to make it easier for the recreational hockey player to find ice time and help get more people on the ice.

Avoid the frustration of having to do countless searches for available drop-in hockey time slots at different ice arenas.  Search our database of ice arenas throughout the United States, make your reservation, and get ready to play hockey!