Drop In Hockey

How Does Get Hockey Now Work?

Our website contains the dates and times that ice arenas have available for drop in hockey.  Through our partnership with them we are able to offer you these times at great rates.  When you make your reservation, the ice arena of your choice is notified and the ice time is scheduled!

Do I Have To Create An Account?

No, but it is highly recommended.  Our website saves your last reserved ice arena, so if you would like to save a little time during your next reservation, setting up a free account now on our website can save you a lot of time later.

What Is Your Policy Regarding Reservations?

Once a reservation is made it is considered to be final.  If you decide not to attend the session that you have scheduled and paid for a refund will not be extended.  So, please make sure that you intend to play during the time you have selected.

What Happens With My Information When I Sign Up?

We use your information to help create an account and a better experience on our website.  In addition, portions of your information will be shared with the ice arena for which you have made a reservation.  Our company does not share your information with third-parties such as list providers, telemarketers, and other organizations that may use your information for solicitation of products or services.